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Fighting Lotus - Pen Tray - Kerala Mural (Wood base)

Fighting Lotus - Pen Tray - Kerala Mural (Wood base)

(Acrylic, Paint on Tray)*


A pen tray is a handy desk accessory used to organize and store pens. It's a practical way to keep your desk tidy and your writing instruments within easy reach. It can be used as an art piece as well.


"In a quiet pond lived a lotus named Lila. One day, a violent storm hit, thrashing all the other lotuses. Lila, however, refused to succumb. She stood firm, providing shelter to the smaller flowers. Even though she was left bruised and battered, Lila's resilience shone brighter than ever. After the storm, Lila was hailed as a hero, earning the title of the fighting lotus for her courage and determination."

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