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Pug - Cream Frame

Pug - Cream Frame

(Acrylic, Canvas on Hardboard)*


"In the gentle town, a pug named Pramod had an unusual passion: he loved to paint. Armed with a brush, Pramod would swipe colors onto canvas, his wagging tail indicating his joy. Locals would laugh, thinking it a cute hobby, but then something magical happened.

One evening, the gallery owner, stumbled upon Pramod's artworks during a casual visit to his owner's home. She was mesmerized by the abstract patterns, seeing emotions and stories in his brush strokes.

Recognizing the unique talent, she decided to showcase Pramod's art in her gallery. News spread about the painting pug named Pramod, and soon, art enthusiasts poured into the town, eager to witness Pramod's creations.

His paintings, infused with paw emotion, spoke to many, and Pramod's fame skyrocketed. He became a sensation, reminding everyone that talent can be found in the most unexpected places—or paws."

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* Size, Colors and lighting may vary. Frame for viewing purpose only.

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