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“Son and the sun”

“Son and the sun”

(Acrylic on Hardboard)*


"At the zenith of a blistering day, a tranquil scene unveils within a humble hut. A mother, the heart of their modest world, sits cradling her eager child, whispering stories to tame his restless spirit. Her tales weave a magical coolness, tempering the fiery curiosity mirrored in his bright eyes. The other child, eyes wide with wonder, clings to her neck, enchanted by her comforting words. Despite the harsh sun outside, their abode emanates a soothing coolness. Sunbeams sneak through the gaps, dust particles dancing in their warmth, attempting to partake in the familial bond. The painting is a vibrant homage to a mother's soothing love amidst the scorching realities."

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